Making the Tough Decisions

How would you make the following decision?

Your business is burning through cash. You have a great service, but you need more volume to make it profitable. You, however, suffer from conflicting objectives: you want to reduce debt and lower your risk, but you need to borrow money to increase your marketing to grow faster so you can start paying yourself more. You’ve agonized long enough; it’s time for a decision. You’re considering these options:

1. Apply for credit cards and lines of credit to get the money needed for marketing.
2. Sell part of your business to a partner or investor to raise the marketing money.
3. Liquidate the business, pay off debts, and get a job.

Remember: My question was not what decision you would make, but how would you make it.

This video will show you how to block those crippling emotions so you make an objective, values-based decision that will guarantee your greatest chance of success.

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