About Us

Steve Meisenheimer – Founder and CEO


Steve Meisenheimer started his business career at age 16, going door-to-door to offer palm tree trimming services near his north Phoenix neighborhood. Eventually he built that business into a million-dollar entity, the state’s largest tree trimming company. That experience and the passion required to grow and manage a million-dollar company taught Steve about success.

Then Steve purchased a million-dollar landscaping business that taught him how quickly success can turn into near failure. Like most business leaders, Steve learned most of his leadership skills through trial and error. This was a slow, painful and very risky way to learn when the futures and fortunes of his employees, investors and many others counted on his results. But, Steve was able to turn the business around and eventually succeeded. Over time he acquired and sold 9 businesses.

In 2005 Steve decided to shift his focus to sharing the painful and expensive lessons he had learned about how to build, manage and lead successful businesses. Small business owners who want to learn the practices and achieve the results of the most effective leaders appreciate Steve’s content and motivational style. He has also authored three books, spoken to countless audiences on the topics of leadership and management, and is passionate about helping others win in this great game of business.

Brett Andrews, CWS® – Managing Director

Brett Andrews Managing Director TEL Picture

Brett’s Role

Brett oversees our Business Advisors as they assist our client’s with integrated business and personal planning techniques designed to protect against unforeseen risks, reduce taxes and other expenses, while helping to achieve their financial goals both personally and in the business.

He ensures that our Business Advisors have a minimum 10 years of planning experience, maintain all necessary licensing and credentials, can fill any gaps in our client’s plan, and are thoroughly trained in The Effective Leader process.

He coordinates the teams that help our clients achieve their missions of multiplying cash flow, growing with confidence, and getting free of the day-to-day work of their companies.  Brett also trains and monitors the specialists who work with our clients in marketing, sales, operations and finance.  He makes sure that we remain the most efficient and comprehensive program available to business owners.

Brett’s Bio

Brett Andrews, CEO of Fortress Business Advisory is a Certified Wealth Strategist®.  Brett has worked with individuals and businesses since 1998. His mission is to ensure clients maximize their businesses to reach their personal goals.  Brett became part of The Effective Leader to better achieve his mission.

Brett’s Contribution

Fortress Business Advisory, and the business advisor role, is one of the critical components in The Effective Leader’s stable of offerings because:

  1. They help clients understand how their business and personal finances can be coordinated to achieve greater results much faster.
  2. They immediately conduct a TEAM personality analysis that helps business owners better understand their employees when developing their teams.
  3. They offer a Business Cycle analysis that helps them capitalize on future economic opportunities or prepare for the next recession. This often gives them a six to 12 months lead on competitors.
  4. They offer business valuations prepared using the three most common valuation methods.
  5. They prepare the transition or exit plans so clients know how to protect their windfalls from taxes and how to keep as much as possible for the next phase of their lives.