Validate Your Business Model

What is a business model? Even though it’s a familiar term, few people can define it.  Your business model has determined your success to date and it will absolutely determine the level of your future success. Don’t let your business model get outdated; it will cost you dearly.

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How Effective Leaders Make Decisions

What is a company’s biggest threat? The Leader. Why? Because the leader makes the decisions, or fails to make them. In this two minute video, I offer a framework for how to prepare to make the decisions that will define you and your company.

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Step 5: Creating Accountability

Is holding people accountable a challenge for you? How do you hold your staff accountable and keep everyone motivated and friendly? Where do you do it and when do you do it so it’s not uncomfortable and it fits seamlessly into your natural leadership style?

Watch “Creating Accountability” Step 5: Creating Accountability

Step 4: Monitoring Results

You’ve heard it said “What gets measured gets done”, but what exactly do you measure? In step three, you learned how to perfectly organize yourself, your people, and your resources for maximum output. In this step, you decide what gets monitored, how to do it, and of course, where your findings are discussed.

Watch “Monitoring Results” Step 4: Monitoring Results