Getting Free in 60 Days

“I never invest in companies. I invest in their leaders.”  – Warren Buffet

Would you invest in a company whose leader was needed every day to work on the factory floor?  Wouldn’t you think something was wrong?

If you have owned your company for over five years and you are still required for the day-to-day work, you are likely your company’s biggest bottleneck.  To unleash your company’s potential, you must establish a team who can do all the work and then support them by doing what only the leader can do: lead them, inspire them and hold them accountable.

Here is a simple plan for getting free of the day-to-day work of your company in just 60 days.

Trend Analysis

A man selling consulting services performed an initial analysis of my company.  I knew he would be impressed since I had thoroughly mastered my business.  His final report said if I maintained my current path, I’d be out of business in just a few years.  How could he say something so outrageous?  His simple trend analysis rocked my world.

I had successfully grown my company, but by our lowering prices; I made life easier for employees, but by adding expensive additional staff and equipment.  What was invisible at the end of any given month became obvious under the spotlight of this guy’s trend analysis.

This video shows how to perform one fast and what to look for.  It might just save the life of your company too.

The Hidden Secrets of Ratios

I read an article on financial ratios that made them sound really cool so I met with my CPA to have him teach me what they mean.  Three hours (and $300) later I figured out that he didn’t really understand them either.  Since then, I’ve met many people who really need this knowledge but don’t have it.

There are many secrets hidden in your company’s financial ratios.  Business owners, however, tend to rely only on their companies’ net incomes to tell the story.  But that is only part of the story.  Ratios reveal many of the hidden secrets of your company for those who can decode them.

This video exposes the secrets that will unleash your cash flow – “the current ratio”

Motivation and the Effective Leader

Want to know how to get the best players of any sport to quit the game forever?  Make sure they always win.  There is nothing more boring than success.  That is why all successful people (and probably you too) are always looking to start something new.

Psychological research tells us that motivation is highest when the probability of success is 50%. We don’t want to play if the game is too easy or too hard.

This video reveals how to motivate your staff to not only want to play, but to play to win every day.

Going Exponential

What sort of leader does your business need now?  One that creates steady,incremental improvements; one that creates geometric growth, or one that can produce outrageous, exponential advances in the company’s performance?  Here is what the difference looks like:

Incremental – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Geometric – 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
Exponential – 2, 4, 8, 16, 32

This two minute video will show you how a simple idea can empower your team, increase your company’s potential, and forever enhance your leadership skills.

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Breakeven Point Analysis

As my company grew, I was forced to make bigger, and more costly decisions.  My company had grown more sophisticated, but I had not.  I found I was no longer qualified to make the sort of decisions I had to make – as evidenced by my number of bad ones.  I was growing at the speed of trial and error, a painfully expensive way to grow.

One costly decision in particular was my assumption that if I paid my new salesperson $50,000 a year he only needed to sell $50,000 to pay for himself.  Do you know what your salespeople must sell to breakeven?  Every new expense demands more revenue, but how much more?  This video gives you that answer for every new cost you take on.

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Getting Free of the Day-to-Day Work

Whether you’re a doctor or a plumber, you should share a common goal: to get free of the day-to-day work of the business.  If you’re like most of us, you started your company to gain more control over your life not to become a slave to your company.  So why don’t more business owners make it, and what can be done?  This video explains takes you there.

Watch the video here.

Validate Your Business Model

What is a business model? Even though it’s a familiar term, few people can define it.  Your business model has determined your success to date and it will absolutely determine the level of your future success. Don’t let your business model get outdated; it will cost you dearly.

Watch the video here.

How Effective Leaders Make Decisions

What is a company’s biggest threat? The Leader. Why? Because the leader makes the decisions, or fails to make them. In this two minute video, I offer a framework for how to prepare to make the decisions that will define you and your company.

Watch the video here.

Step 5: Creating Accountability

Is holding people accountable a challenge for you? How do you hold your staff accountable and keep everyone motivated and friendly? Where do you do it and when do you do it so it’s not uncomfortable and it fits seamlessly into your natural leadership style?

Watch “Creating Accountability” Step 5: Creating Accountability