The Program

This 3 minute video presentation describes the most comprehensive (and affordable) support system available for someone wanting to grow a business. The most common feedback we receive is “That is exactly what I need!” Read below for even more details, or watch our full 20 minute presentation at the bottom of this page.


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Want to learn how we can balance your skill wheel in just 30 days?  Click on the videos below where you need the most help and watch how this program and our control panel can accomplish this amazing feat.


What You Can Expect

In the first 30 days, you will begin to feel what it’s like to manage your company by the numbers. You will gain powerful decision-making skills, which are vital for each future step.

Next, we train you to think strategically all the time. You become intimate with your company’s competitive advantages, your most profitable market niche(s) and where your competition is weak. This is not a 50-page business plan; this is a new, focused way of thinking that impacts everyone, and everything, in your company.  

With your enhanced decision-making skills in place, and your new command of strategy, you can now validate (or adjust) your business model, so your business can fully maximize its opportunity. We then introduce the goal of getting you free from the day-to-day work of your company.  If you’ve owned your business for more than five years and your company will not keep running the same without you, you might be your company’s most threatening bottleneck.  If you want to grow, maximize your effectiveness, and LEAD versus DO, you will never be in a better position to choose when this will happen.

From here forward, at the pace you choose, we work on other important, but usually ignored, activities such as:

  1. Clarifying your company’s vision and mission
  2. Polishing your management skills
  3. Developing your operational plans for ongoing improvement
  4. Developing your annual marketing plan
  5. Defining your sales process and sales systems

How It Works

The Effective Leader program consists of four components:

1. Control Panel: Our proprietary Control Panel puts planning the future of your business at a whole new level.  It also provides an x-ray of your business as you will see hidden challenges and new opportunities that would likely have remained hidden.  You will be able to test, in advance, how every idea you are considering will affect your company’s growth, profits and cash flow as well as what additional resources will be required to execute your plan.

2. Knowledge System: The 7-part, 33-session, Effective Leader Knowledge System provides a masters-level education in the areas of Strategy, Vision & Mission, Management, Finance, Operations, Marketing and Sales. It is laser-focused on providing the advanced skills and knowledge you need to grow your business with new levels of sophistication and confidence.

3. Trainer: Your Trainer will help you develop your control panel plan, will make sure you and your team stay on track as you execute your plan, will guide you through The Effective Leader Knowledge System, and will become your most trusted adviser when it comes to understanding your company and the decisions that will drive its success.

4. Specialists: You will be introduced to our experts in the areas of marketing, sales, operations and finance.  They will help you optimize your control panel plan and will also be the “boots on the ground” to help you execute your plan.

It’s Surprisingly Affordable!

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by how affordable this all is. We have intentionally structured this program to make the maximum impact at the lowest possible investment. We invite you to watch the three minute video above or the 20 minute, full version below.  We suspect you will see exactly what you need! Then contact us at 602-435-5474 or click the button below so we can answer any questions or get you started.

Watch Our full Presentation For More Program Detail


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